The Dome Goes Solar

Once again The Dome sets another impressive milestone together with HopSol in Swakopmund / Namibia:

With a solar photovoltaic installation of 100 kW The Dome will cover up to 70% of its electricity consumption now by clean and cheap solar energy.

Due to the Net Metering possibility established by the public utility Erongored, it is now possible to feed in electricity into the public grid and get a reward for each kWh your solar photovoltaic installation produces.

The investment costs for such a solar installationare very attractive since the payback time for this solar installation will be around 3 – 4 years. After that period the electricity is basically for free for the investor for the next 25 years due to the fact that the maintenance costs for the installation are quasi zero and there is a product guarantee on the solar panels for 25 years.

The Dome is known as a pioneer in event organization and promoting public interests such as sports, healthiness and solidarity. As a leader in organizing sports events such as soccer and running, it was clear that The Dome connected with the leading solar company which also sponsors the biggest youth soccer league in the country: HopSol. HopSol built the 100 kW in only one week in February 2018.



100 kW solar photovoltaic installation on The Dome built by HopSol