An African Excellence in Namibia:

HopSol builds Namibia´s biggest off-grid solar power plant in Gam


The Ministry of Mines and Energy in Namibia awarded the works for Namibia´s biggest off-grid solar power plant to the Namibian solar company HopSol Africa (Pty) Ltd.

The solar power plant was finalized in October 2014 at Gam village in the Tsumkwe Constituency, Otjozondjupa Region. The solar power plant provides the whole Gam settlement of about 1600 people with electricity made from the sun.

The whole installation consists of 2016 solar panels. Due to the extreme climatic conditions in Namibia Thinfilm solar modules have been chosen for the project. These solar panels can handle high temperatures significantly better than polycrystalline panels which suffer high losses under these circumstances. The solar array is combined with a battery bank which has a capacity of about 2.5 MWh (576 pieces of 2 Volt cells). The batteries and inverters together fill a room of 6m by 40m and the whole installation will cover an area of about two soccer fields. The solar system operates fully automatically controlled by SMA Sunny Island Inverters and satisfies a maximum demand of 200kW for 24 hours.

“The local population in Gam receives their own green energy since October 2014. This is a further step towards securing power supply in Namibia and to provide everyone in the country with electricity.” Said Bjoern Wilschke, CEO of HopSol Africa.

Site handover in Gam on 24 February: Gam installation in October 2014

Left side: three representatives of local community with interpreter, Bjoern Wilschke CEO HopSol Africa, Abraham Hangula REEEI, Vilyo Kuutondokwa MME, Zivayi Chiguvare Director REEEI