HopSol was awarded with the construction of the 5 MWac solar power plant in Grootfontein in Otjiozondjupa Region/Namibia which has been commissioned in June 2016 after only 3 months of installation time. The plant delivers electricity to Nampower, the state-owned utility company. It is the biggest grid-connected solar power plant in Namibia. It will produce about 14 mio kWh per year and thus it will supply ca. 3,700 residential houses with electricity by the sun.

The solar power plant consists of more than 52,000 solar modules of thinfilm technology on a tracking system. Due to the specific climatic conditions in desert regions the selection of the right technology is decisive in order to ensure an outstanding economic performance of investments in solar power plants. Thinfilm solar modules have a very low temperature coefficient and can withstand and handle the daily heat and radiation of Africa significantly better than any other solar modules. Compared to mono- and polycrystalline solar modules the HopSol solution provides up to 15% more electricity (kWh) out of the same installed capacity which makes for the customer a significant difference.

  HopSol Otjozondjupa Solar Park June 2016