On 18 January 2017 Hopsol launched the HopSol Youth Soccer League at Windhoek / Namibia. With a sponsorship of 1 million NAD over three years HopSol drives this unique initiative to remove at least 1,000 children off the African streets, create future soccer icons and give children the possibility to develop themselves beyond their often sad and hopeless circumstances.

The League will start end of February and it will cater for players from under 9 years to under 19 years level. It will be organized by the BKK Auas Sports Trust consisting of former HSV professional soccer player Collin Benjamin, the Namibian soccer coach Wieland Klinger and the German high-level professional soccer coach Guido Kandziora.

"The current state of soccer development, especially at grassroots level, mirrors the social disparities within Namibia. The HopSol Youth Soccer League addresses these social challenges using soccer as a tool to drive change within the country.", said Collin Benjamin.


Press Conference in HopSol offices in Windhoek - 18 January 2017



All information about the HopSol Youth Soccer League can be found on www.hopsolsoccer.org .